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Gabriele Tranchina

Gabriele Tranchina


Sunday, Jun 13, 2010:   8:30PM

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CD Release party of her newest CD: A Song of Love's Color

Something different. Someone different. A world artist, a jazz vocalist, a creative interpreter, a heavenly sound, a woman with a unique view of music, the world, and of singing. This is just a small description of songbird Gabriele Tranchina. She brings to her music a worldview -- using music as a force for wholeness, a source of unity and energy for all. This album is the culmination of a lifetime of study, experience, exploration and experimentation. It reveals the depth of the music and the power of the artist who sings it. Collaborating with top New York musicians, Joe Vincent Tranchina (her husband) on piano, Grammy Award Nominee Bobby Sanabria, on drums, bassist Santi Debriano and percussionist Renato Thoms, the textures of the songs on this album range from delicate and soothing to dynamic and throbbing, from intricate woven to finely spun. Whether you are a lover of world cultures, of modern jazz, of creative partnership or just gorgeous singing, you will find satisfaction in this collection. Gabriele asks you to join her on this heartfelt musical journey; opening yourself to the joy and peace that music brings us all. –Jeanie Lovetri