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Gabriele Tranchina


Gabriele Tranchina is musically at home in many styles. With a strong background in jazz, she moves between Jazz, World Fusion, Latin and Pop, making her a perfect crossover artist. Gabriele has her roots in Germany, where she was born, but her love for other cultures inspired her extended travels throughout Europe and Asia. These experiences bring a unique sensibility to her work matching her one-of-a-kind voice. Settling in New York, Ms Tranchina took advantage of its multi-cultural environment giving her further inspiration for her work as an artist. Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower, ( describes Ms Tranchina's melting pot experience as follows: "Gabriele Tranchina is a German-born, Parisian chanteuse, with Brazilian stylings, a cross between Ute Lemper, Mireille Mathieu, and Tania Maria."

At the age 16, Gabriele was introduced to the music of Antonio Carlos Jobim, Chick Corea's "Return to Forever" with singer Flora Purim, as well as Ella Fitzgerald. As a performer she still draws from those influences. In artists like Flora Purim, Ella Fitzgerald and Jobim, Gabriele found qualities that inhabit her very own: fearlessness, a connectedness to nature and beauty, joy, sophistication and exploration backed by a solid technique.

In her latest recording "A Song Of Love's Color", Ms. Tranchina explores her penchant for languages, singing in Brazilian Portuguese, German, English, Spanish, French and Hindi, allowing each to shine with it's own special flavor in a wide range of songs and lyrics. The recording consists of 8 Originals/Collaborations, mainly contributed by her husband pianist/composer Joe Vincent Tranchina, and 3 unique arrangements of other songs, giving the listener all fresh and exciting material.

Bringing rhythms and expressions of world cultures together with those of American jazz, she joyfully explores her creamy three-octave range. Jazz icon Mark Murphy has described her as someone who "sings like a bird and swings and swings until the cows come home." Ms. Tranchina's previous CD, "The Old Country", garnered rave reviews in places as far flung as Japan and Germany. Her voice has been called "impressive", "technically perfect", "just breathtaking", and has been heard in powerhouse New York clubs like Birdland and the Blue Note, as well as in festivals and major clubs in Europe.

With her charismatic charms, Gabriele reaches out to a wide variety of audiences. One can't help but be drawn in to her world. Her music is for all lovers of song, new music, old favorites, music from places far away and exotic, and of gorgeous voices and great musicians. It transcends categories and opens up new territory for everyone's ears. Ms. Tranchina takes us on a colorful journey. She entices us into moods and atmospheres that only music can capture. She woos us to join her on a journey to places we dream about and lands we long to know.