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Emile Pandolfi

Emile Pandolfi


Monday, Aug 10, 2009:   8:30PM

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Passion. If one had to sum up Steinway Artist Emile Pandolfi in a single word, that is the word that immediately comes to mind. A passion for music, for beauty, for emotion, for life. And that is what you hear when he touches the piano. Using only his piano he can make your heart swell, bring tears to your eyes, reach for the one you love. With his piano, he touches moments in our lives that might be just a dim memory and re-infuses them with the feelings we felt then; time evaporates. His extraordinary classical technique allows him to paint with sound. The listener “sees” the entire musical “painting” as it unfolds, and feels all the emotion contained within; but if one were to dissect the “painting”, one would find the musical technique used to create it awe-inspiring. Yet never does it take precedence over the musical artistry.

In his live performances, Emile shares an additional passion with his audience: his passion for laughter. While he will touch your heart with his music, he will also tickle your funnybone. A seasoned comic, Emile draws on his experience at the world famous Comedy Store in Los Angeles to gently move his audience from beautiful melodies to giggles and guffaws and back again. It is an evening that you will long remember.

Emile’s catalog of recordings is almost exclusively nostalgic, popular and Broadway melodies that have been woven into our lives - songs from the ‘40’s through today. We invite you to share in the magic of music that is Emile Pandolfi!