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Emile Pandolfi


It has been said that he plays ?luxurious arrangements? with an ?ethereal quality?; that he plays in a ?free-flowing, emotional manner that seems to go to the music?s very soul.? (Stereophile Magazine) Without a doubt, when you hear Emile Pandolfi play, you know that you are hearing one of today?s finest pianists. Receiving his degree in piano performance, Emile applies his classical technique to Broadway and Popular music, in addition to classical performance, to the delight of his many fans. Strong in both technique and musicality, he has performed in many parts of the world throughout his professional career. Best known for his arrangements, Emile?s favorite music to arrange comes from Broadway musicals. ?In addition to being melodically fulfilling, these songs usually contain meaningful lyrics and lend themselves to interesting arrangement?. In many of his arrangements, one can hear the influence of Chopin and Debussy, accounting for the sensitivity and passion with which he plays.

Recording since 1991, his lush arrangements of familiar music have sold over two and a quarter million copies nationally. This has earned Emile the distinction of being the top-selling artist in the alternative music industry, distributed primarily in specialty, gift and book shops across the nation.

While he was growing up, the Pandolfi home was known as ?the place to gather? and music was always associated with fun. That attitude continues today in Emile?s live performances. And, although serious about his playing, Emile is never serious about himself. While the audience is treated to a brilliant musical performance, they are also entertained by Emile?s charming sense of humor and friendly personality.

Whether you experience Emile Pandolfi on recording or in live performance, you will experience the intensity and skill of communication that can only come from a true artist, in every sense of the word. And you just may find yourself inspired along the way!