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Jenna Esposito:

Jenna Esposito: "Italian Undercover"


Wednesday, Jan 11, 2012:   8:30PM

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The show will also feature a special introduction by Mark Rotella, author of Amore - The Story of Italian American Song.

Italian Undercover! Does the name Francesco Paulo LoVecchio mean anything to you?...Or how about Lugee Alfredo Giovanni Sacco?? No?! more try – surely you have heard of Concetta Franconero??! Need some help? Perhaps you would recognize them by their “undercover aliases” – Frankie Laine, Lou Christie and Connie Francis?! Here’s the scoop: Sure, most people are aware that Dean Martin, Tony Bennett and yes, Connie Francis are Italian. And most people are also aware that their given names have been changed considerably. But not everyone knows that the same can be said for countless others including Frankie Laine, Lou Christie, Bobby Rydell, and more...until now!! In this show, Jenna revisits the music of some of the most popular and influential pop singers of the 20th century...who all happened to be Italians, Undercover! Come join in the fun of our “expose”, in this show that also features Jenna's five-piece band: musical director Fortune Esposito on guitar, David Crone on piano Rob Broelmann on bass, Bobby Sher on drums, Brian Broelmann on tenor sax, and Kelly Esposito-Broelmann and Rob Langeder on backup vocals.