How to Get Rid of Cold Overnight Without Medicine

How to Get Rid of Cold Overnight Without Medicine

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There is no permanent treatment for common cold and cold. This problem usually cures itself in three to four days, but if you get into the cold chest then it can give serious results. Therefore, there is no harm in adopting some treatment to avoid problems in the Common Cold. During colds people feel pain and heaviness in the head and body due to which there is a lot of trouble. Medical treatment of common cold is not meant to be consumed. If you want you can reduce the cold by using some special tips at home, so let’s know about How to get rid of cold overnight without medicine.

Do Not Let Water Fall Short – Cure a Cold Overnight 

It is generally seen that when cold, do not feel like consuming water or any fluid. In such cases, the problem of cold overnight without medicine can increase. Do not mind during colds, but keep drinking hot water in a little while. Along with this, keep taking other liquids also will help. The use of hot water, soup, turmeric mixed milk, black tea, etc. helps in loosening the phlegm. Do not consume caffeine and alcohol because they have high urine and the body fluid is less.

Blow nose

During colds, it is important that the nose coming from the nose should not be stopped. Clean the nose from time to time correctly. In this, the accumulated cuff comes out of the nose and you feel light. If the matter is stopped from leaving it goes back to the head which can cause trouble. Do not forget to wash hands after clearing the nose.

Vitamins intake

Due to colds, vitamins A, C and E are full of Diet Cuffs and help to eliminate cold and increase your immune system. Vitamin C is an anti-infective vitamin, which is very beneficial in the treatment of cold. Mix one spoon honey with lemon juice in a glass of hot water and drink it. Vitamin C, which is present in abundance in this, increases immunity in the body. Apart from this, eating orange can also be beneficial.

Spicy food

Eating intake of Indian spices can prove helpful in the problem of colds. Spicy foods rich in cold and cough can be beneficial for the relief of stiffness. During this, eating away from meats, dairy products and fried food is equally important.

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Due to the problem of throat pain, it becomes difficult to eat and drink anything. In this way, in a glass of hot water, add salt, pinch of soda and two times a day, and garlands during sleep give relief in the throat.

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