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Taihisha Grant


Breaking into the music scene in 1996, Taihisha Grant saw her first international release “If You Believe” on the NMC Groove Compilation followed by “Little Things” on Welcome Wax Records the subsequent year. By 1998, she inked a Top 10 single on Billboard’s Dance Chart called “Anything for Love” for singer Reina.

Taihisha’s voice grabs you instantly with her simmering whispers one moment and her powerful delivery the next. She brings that infectious soulful bounce straight to your chest with her acid dripped brand of House meets, Soul meets Dance. Her performances can evolve from a sultry R&B laced diva to an emotional artist that commands the crowd’s attention with one mighty vocal blow.

Growing up in Boston Massachusetts, Taihisha has been singing from an early age. Born into a family of singers, she got her start in the local church and honed her skills in local choirs and performances statewide and it was very obvious to all that she possessed a tremendous musical gift.

In 1998, Taihisha appeared on the soundtrack for the record breaking documentary “Hang the DJ” and also performed her contribution to the soundtrack “To the Land of Happiness” at the film’s premier at the 1998 Cannes Film Festival. While paying her dues in Bean Town, Taihisha started working as a vocal coach for various recording studios. While under the mentoring of the legendary Donna Summer and her husband, hit songwriter Bruce Sudano (The Brooklyn Dreams) she became a songwriting assistant to the Dance production team Welcome Productions, known for producing and remixing for the likes of Madonna, Cher, Beyonce, RuPaul, and Ms. Summer herself. Having a continued passion for her craft, she continues to work as a reference vocalist and songwriter for the American and International music scene all while striving to making her mark as a solo recording artist.

Recently, Taihisha has released a internationally recognized soulful house single “How Do I Love You” (2010) on FADDA Records (UK) and is readying for collaborations with Andrew Edward Brown (Champion Soul) that are due to be released in Aug 11’. Also collaborating with her younger brother emerging hip-hop recording artist, Omega Red (Detail, Ray Jay, Donna Summer) on his 2011 release “Red October” with remixes for her 1996 release Little Things to be released in Sept 11’ by Nautylus Records and the release of her infectious jazz-house single “Excited” in Oct 11’.

Anticipating her debut full length album in the fall of 2011, Taihisha is preparing to take her place amongst the greats of Soul, Dance &RB doing what she born to do SING…