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John Malino


"Who do I love the most? It’s a tie between Ella Fitzgerald and Jimi Hendrix. I don’t see any boundaries in music. And I’m one lucky man, because I work with the best jazz musicians in the world. We get into playing anything, from Harold Arlen to Hank Williams. My team knows how to dig into a tune. And there’s nothing like the spontaneity, the electricity between us and the audience."

In his 20 years as a bandleader, Manhattan-born John Malino has played just about everywhere, from L.A. nightclubs to Palm Beach weddings to inaugural balls. And when he plays any event or club, he doesn’t mess around. His musicians have a long list of their own accomplishments. "I know many bandleaders can get away with booking part-time musicians who play music on the side - and pay them a fraction of what I pay my guys. No way, not worth it. I want to enjoy every song I play with the highest caliber of musicianship. And we love a smart audience that appreciates quality."

Indeed, Malino’s hung out with the best of them. He’s shared the stage with Lionel Hampton; jazz legend David Sanborn has played sax on Malino’s original tune, "If I had a Genie."

Called a "velvet-voiced baritone" by the press, John Malino can sing and play a mean guitar. He’s been described as a cross between Harry Connick, Jr. and John Pizzarrelli… and there is no denying his masculine appeal onstage. He is one cool cat.