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The Giant Cicada


The Giant Cicada is a living, buzzing creature - a new sound, with strings and percussion playing songs you know and songs you will want to know, sung by an amazing vocalist - their sound has been called "Chamber Punk." Energetic, danceable, fun, beautiful.

The band began as an extension of the partnership of the vocal/bass duo Jon & Lynn, who have been sharing their love for the essence of song and minimalist arrangements with fans for two years.

With the addition of violin, guitar, cajon drum, and bowed upright bass, the duo ventured farther down the paths of pop, dance, world and jazz and developed a vibrant new sound.

The duo has been recording and performing for the last two years to strong reviews, probing a wide range of styles with their rich sound and surprisingly complete arrangements for bass and voice, recently extending their reach with this amazing band.

Bassist Jon Burr ( been active as a bassist, bandleader, composer and producer, and vocalist Lynn Stein ( had established a career as an artist/painter/curator in the years since their last meeting. Jon worked in groups such as those of Tony Bennett, Chet Baker, Stephane Grappelli, Houston Person, and was a founding member of Mark O'Connor's Hot Swing Trio; and Lynn became artistic director for the Rockland Center for the Arts (, returning now to her musical roots as a vocalist.

They've been rehearsing, recording, and performing in the New York area ever since with a focus on material chosen for its appropriateness to their unique sound. Their repertoire is drawn from 60’s pop, jazz, the Great American Songbook of Standards, songs from around the world, as well as original tunes.

The Giant Cicada personnel includes Jonathan Russell - violin, John Hart or Nick Russo - guitar, and Carlos "Go-Go" Gomez - cajon drum

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