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Asi Wind


Magical Nights Inc Presents . . . ASI ?Magic, Mentalism & More?

Although he looks young, Asi is an experienced magician who has honed his craft all over the world.

In his appearances on television and in his live shows, he combines comedy, magic, dramatic moments and electrifying miracles. You are never quite sure what might happen with this unpredictable performer. One moment he might be moving objects or bending metals by just looking at them, and another he might be locating a personal object which has been hidden somewhere in the theater while his eyes are blindfolded.

In Israel, Asi holds the title for the best magician of the year 1998 / 1999. In between writing for several newspapers and performing at trade shows and corporate events, he manages to also appear at many private parties during the course of a year.

Besides stage performances, Asi also specializes in the art of close-up magic. He enjoys this more intimate style because his audience gets to see the magic just a few inches from their own eyes.

Of course for him it's all just the beginning.